I have an opposable thumb...I get my own treats thank you!

The word traditional and I have never gotten along, but around the time of our engagement/wedding my bitterness toward tradition took everlasting root.

I started looking into the meaning of the bridal veil.  And needless to say…I didn’t wear one.  Then we started going over our vows, and you know what’s coming next…that word, yes THAT one…OBEY.  Are you kidding me?!  Then there is that other one…SUBMIT.  Yeah, that one deserves a WTF.  And that was the word that gave me some extra homework during our premarital counseling with our pastor!

Upon completing my homework, I found I preferred the words honor and respect.  The words mean the same, but…BUT (that’s a BIG but) it does not fall under the parent-child (dog-master) caveat.  I respect my husband.  I honor my husband.  But the day he tells me to sit for a treat…I’m out!

So yes, tradition and I are not friends.  Doing – Thinking – Believing – Being…just because it was done in the past is so not my thing!  I am, however, very good friends with starting new traditions.

*Random fact:  I have a hitchhicker's thumb...that's right, my thumb is over-opposable!*

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