The thing about hope...

It’s hard to hold on when you need it,
but when it’s time to let go
it never fully fades.
And sometimes
I wish it would.


it's Friezing in here...

...and Seven loves it!
So, after the paperwork not going through
because the sales person forgot to get us to sign one page
yet my credit card was charged for the deposit
and no one called to inform us before our scheduled install
so I was left to waste 1/2 day waiting for no reason
and was left pretty underwhelmed with their upfront customer service...
I will never use Empire again!
But we have new carpet,
and it's great to be able to check one more thing off the
remodel list!


I remeber...

to cross-stitch
journeys to mysterious lands…
the yellow river game ranch
years ago I was a summer nanny for two girls
I took them to the game ranch
they had never been
I loved watching them walk through
and just take it all in
something new
something beautiful
and that is what it’s about…
in spite of the storms
I still have wonderful, beautiful