Patty cake, patty cake...

I am not a baker, but I have conquered the muffin.
That's right these Orange-Cranberry mini-Muffins are homemade!
If you look close, you can see little bits of orange zest that look like little sprinkles...
because that's is as close as I'll ever get to actual sprinkles.
And because this weeks produce pack included free blueberries, 
I'll soon be conquering the blueberry beast! 

And...because I was thinking of this the entire time I was baking my muffin{s}, the lovely Betty White:


Dreaming of my favorite highway...

Today, more than ever, I find myself craving the west coast.
Maybe it's the weather...hot, humid, miserable.
But I want nothing more than to go back and see the sites.

To walk among giants.

To seemingly drive off the edge of the earth.

To be left breathless.

To sit here...forever.

And thank the artist who created it all.