The legacy of Eva Dien.

I had a moment last night.
I wrote this regarding love.
And then today I read an article on CNN
about the vibrant red-headed
{Eva Dien Brine Markvoort}
and 65 (red) roses...or cystic fibrosis.
As I read through her blog
I came upon
her farewell video...

Eva passed away the morning of March 27th.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
-Christian, from the movie Moulin Rouge


To never waste time...

I read this article last week.  It made me think.  Don’t we all have moments where we forget about the mirror?  We point at another religion…or person…and call them wicked and evil.  But we forget that whatever it is we are pointing at is our very own reflection.  Because the truth is if Franklin Graham actually sat down with a true leader of Islam, more similarities would be found than differences.

Isn’t that true of all of us.  We all have been hurt.  We all have been tested.  And we all overcome.  And at some point, we all have failed.  But the point is we all keep moving forward.  We all work toward an improved sense of self.  The circumstances may be slightly different…we may name call our higher being by a different name, but our similarities lie within our souls and that soul’s ability to love.

I realize that what is right in my life may not be for another, so pointing out something as wrong or wicked or evil is a waste of time.  But to love.  Show love.  Be loved.  That is time never wasted.


Bringing home baby...

{this} bundle of little boy kitten cuteness arrived Saturday...

Seven has been adjusting very well.
No puffy-tailed growling hissing fits.
Okay, a little hissing may have been involved...
but it's more of a 'know your place little-bit' kind of hiss.
She just sits back and surveys.

And he just plays...

And gets into precarious situations...

His name is {Dexter}, we think.
I have a little hesitation because I do enjoy the show Dexter,
but a serial killer with a "moral code" he is not.
And considering his litter box routine...
Bulldozer may be more fitting!
Only time will tell.

I still shed tears for my Snuggles.
It's been hard.
There are moments where he will make a face
or flip his tail
or make a noise
and remind me completely of her.
Ragdoll personalities are so similar to Himalayans.
That is what we wanted.
My Snuggles could never be replaced,
but I feel my heart opening and making room for this little boy.


A break away...

It's not a very pretty city from a distance,
but when you look at the details
New Orleans
is lovely...

the Garden District was a favorite

the French Quarter street players were full of spirit

and sometime the French Quarter exteriors were like butter

and thankfully we were able to experience a parade
New Orleans

and walk away with some beads
(that we didn't pay for with money or wobbly bits)

Truly an amazing city.
And another one that I'm glad we experienced before kids.