The art of change...

It's a big word.
It's something we look for in others.
We want them to change…
and conform into the person
we believe they should be.

But what if that change,
doesn't fit what we think should be.
What if, instead of conforming
into our own version of perfection…
they grow in they way they need to grow.

Maybe it does not fit our mold.
Maybe imperfection is in the eye of the beholder.
it looks like jumbled up scribble and splatter,
but to someone else it's a Jackson Pollack.

I think when we pray for someone to change,
the prayer actually needs to be internalized…
for our minds to evolve and understand.

She may be odd,
but she may be priceless
once her spirit exits this earth.


No need for a pillow...

One of my friends
that I have known since
grade school
is having a baby,
and we showered her with gifts this weekend.
It's a little bit strange when you remember being little girls...
what was once pretend and dress up
is now reality.
That is not a pillow!
And, I couldn't be happier for her!


What's in a name...

I recently fell in love...
with a DSLR.
The hubby took one look at my test pictures,
and he too was in love.
So together we bought our very own BEAST...
-Nikon D40-
and called it our dating "anniversary" gift.
So, the first test shots were trying to capture Snuggles.
Now she is not always the most cooperative model.
It's a Himalayan thing.
I can spap, clap, knock, call, psst and stomp...
but she will not budge.
So out came the kitty-cat hairball medicine...

It's call two birds...one stone!
And it worked...

Seven, the exact opposite...
you look at her and she perks up with a meow, as if asking
"can I help you?"

Even theFred had fun taking photos of what boys take photos of...
bugs, of course!

I need a name for her.
Beast just doesn't quite seem fitting.


It's like super glue...

i have had
this song
in my head
for the last
so i'm passing it along...
and honestly
it's a good song
we are all our own devil
and we make this world
our Hell...
so true!
but after a week,
my husband is
and tired
of me singing
random lyrics...
i'm one of
those people.


A year ago today...

Sankofa is an Akan proverb that comes from the words "san" (return), "ko" (go), and "fa" (look, seek, and take). Meaning we must return to our past in order to move forward and grow. A year ago today I began that jouney. I revisited my old memories and open questions. The question of why was finally answered, and the pain of the past lessened its grip.

And today I am truly thankful to those that gave me that final push I needed to pursue that very journey.  They will never know the way in which they blessed my life.  I am especially thankful to those which held my hand along the way.  They gave me the confidence to take that step and know I would be surrounded with love and prayers.  I only hope that I have the opportunity to repay the kindness that was shown to me during the last year.  Thank you all.