I lost my cool points...

because Amazon delivered this today…

Yeah, I know.
I did see the movie in the theater several months ago and was not that impressed.
But watching it the second time was better…maybe because I didn’t have two teenage girls letting out a little hormone-driven giggles every time Robert Pattenson spoke…moved…took a breath on screen.

But take another look… Okay, crisis averted – I may have just retained my one and only cool point.


I finally splurged on the Across The Universe soundtrack!
I L-O-V-E that movie.
It’s truly trip-tastic.
And I still get chills every time it gets to this part.


purejoy said...

i tripped across your blog because of penny lane. ohmygoodness the scene from across the universe. . . oh for frikking goodness, that scene is amazing. i cry every time. sooooo good.
and for the record, i hope you enjoy twilight. i havent' seen it yet, but i can't bring myself to order it on netflicks. maybe someday. havea great day!

The Doily Ditchtress said...

Have you checked out the DVD extra when they are rehearsing the song with the director? Talk about draining some tears...it's incredible!