What's in a name...

I recently fell in love...
with a DSLR.
The hubby took one look at my test pictures,
and he too was in love.
So together we bought our very own BEAST...
-Nikon D40-
and called it our dating "anniversary" gift.
So, the first test shots were trying to capture Snuggles.
Now she is not always the most cooperative model.
It's a Himalayan thing.
I can spap, clap, knock, call, psst and stomp...
but she will not budge.
So out came the kitty-cat hairball medicine...

It's call two birds...one stone!
And it worked...

Seven, the exact opposite...
you look at her and she perks up with a meow, as if asking
"can I help you?"

Even theFred had fun taking photos of what boys take photos of...
bugs, of course!

I need a name for her.
Beast just doesn't quite seem fitting.

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