Freaking old people...

So "Grumpy" next door puts a bright light in her patio sensor light...we're talking spotlight style.  The kind that turns night into day.  The kind that makes it difficult for Fred to fall asleep because the sensor is crazy sensitive and constantly flashing on/off.  All.  Night.  Long.

Fred's runs into Grumps and is all can you please adjust the sensor setting so it's less sensitive - and she's all I want keep sensitive for safety - and Fred's all well can you at least change to a soft bulb - and she's all I'm not paying for a new bulb - and Fred's all I'll buy one and put it in for you - and she's all but I want it bright for safety - and Fred's all HOA guidelines specify soft bulbs be used outdoors and it really makes it hard to fall asleep when a bright light keeps turning on - and she's all grump, grump, well you need to buy better drapes (raising her voice) grump-grumpity-grump - and Fred's all okay lady you can stop talking now I'm done talking to you, I tried to be nice but the conversation is over.

Yes, you read that correct Gumpy-old-lady wants us to spend over $100 on new drapes (black out, double curtain rod and sheers so we can let in daylight) because she will not follow the rules.  We really tried to be nice.  Even offering to spend the 3-bones on a new light AND install it, but she’s just the kind of person that will not be happy unless she gets her way.

The HOA will be sending her a violation letter…to which she will ignore…and be even more grumpy.  And you seriously have to wonder, if we just snuck over and replaced the bulb ourselves instead of attempting to be nice...would she have even noticed?

P.S.  This is the same woman that complains that her kids never visit...I know you find that fact just SHOCKING right!?

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