[6] refusing to tempt fate...

Day 6:  Something you hope you never have to do.

Let’s not tempt fate.

Moving on…how about some photos from our last vacation instead!

The trip in which I saw my first cactus.

The trip in which we watched 500 hot air balloons take off within 120 minutes. 

 The trip in which took our breath away.

 The trip in which we drove The Mother Road.

 The trip in which we appreciated the old and run down.

 The trip in which left us refreshed.

And fully ready to welcome our 7th anniversary.

Thank God for this trip.
And my wonderful husband & his mad driving skills.
These crazy road trips bring us so much joy.
It made us think...
maybe one day when things settle and we retire,
we'll be that crazy old couple
that travels the country in their RV.
God only knows...and he's not telling!

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