[20] last dance with mary jane...

Day 20:  Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol.  I think it's silly you can fight for our country at 18, but cannot drink until 21.  And let's face it, when kids go away to college they have access to alcohol.  I myself waited until it was legal, but I'm well aware of my minority status.

Drugs.  I guess marijuana is the only one I find pointless to be considered illegal. Let's face it there a more potent, dangerous and addictive drugs that can be obtained "legally" by prescription. I've just never heard of a death caused marijuana overdose. The smoked out morons that call the cops on themselves, yes.  Death, no.

The argument seems to be that it's a gateway drug.  But apparently so is Robitussin and cans of whipped cream...if someone wants to get high, they will find a way. Why not make available a legal high with restrictions.  Age, proof...potency, etc.

No, I don't partake myself.  I just see a HUGE difference between meth-heads, crack-heads, and Bob Marley fans.

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