In case you ever wonder how the latch breaks...

I believe that it is globally know that red = stop/green = go. But apparently I missed the memo as that was not the case yesterday.

I tried to avoid the dreaded journey, but after two cups of coffee and a tall glass of orange juice…there was no way I could hold off visiting the port-a-potty in 20 degree weather. Now everyone knows not to sit on the seat, but this never stops me from layering the seat with toilet paper just in case I lose my balance or a big wind comes or whatever…anything to avoid touching the craptastic seat.  Oh, and by layering I mean six 1-ply sheets thick all the way around the seat. Needless to say, when I use one of those nasty things I do not wait for the inevitable – I go prepared to go through the 10 minute ritual.

Anyway, being that it was so cold…I was well layered so it took even longer than usual. Well just as I finished adjusting my coat and while I was putting my gloves back on after a squirt of ice cold hand sanitizer, before I could even get the words out, some moron…be nice – intellectually challenged person – breaks open the door.  I mean Bah-Roke the door.  The guy pulled so hard the latch literally went flying across the grass!

Now, I suppose I could understand…maybe…not getting the red/green rule...or maybe he just happened to be colorblind AND illiterate…maybe. But one would think, perhaps, when you have to pull that hard on a door, perhaps, that particular port-a-potty just may possibly be occupied…perhaps! Thankfully I was fully clothed and about 30 seconds from opening the door myself so no harm – no foul, but I know whoever the colorblind-illiterate-intellectually challenged person was...er, would have been blushing with embarrassment had it not been so cold. And he probably learned a valuable lesson; always knock first before bah-reaking a port-a-potty door!

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