Don't laugh...

I recently read about a Fisher Price portable potty being discontinued. And because it is being discontinued it is getting hard to find…meaning some retailers are now charging up to $170 for a thing your child sits to do his/her business. Crazy right!?

So I found it at Walmart where they have the exact one for only $17. Now, the hubby and I are in the “someday” category…we plan to have kids someday. But of course, me being the planner and forever a bargain hunter...it was delivered to our house yesterday - about three plus years early.

I was a little nervous about how theFred would react to such a thing entering our “someday” house.  To my surprise, he was just as excited as I was...even going as far to say he might like to take it camping.  I say that as though the thought of using it myself didn’t cross my mind. Of course, when I mentioned the $170 crazy price tag he told me to wait until they are all gone and put it on eBay for some crazy amount.  But certain things are priceless…like avoiding public restrooms!

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