A refreshing close...

Last week I went to dinner with a dear old friend.  An old friend that became a sort of growth catalyst, and I find myself wondering without her would I have noticed the things that needed improvement.  For the first time, I was able to speak freely and comfortably and just simply be authentic.

She set me on the path.  Her words led to my discovery.  I’m sure she never thought twice of those five words, but they motivated me to seek out an answer.  And over twelve years later it was finally discovered.  Maybe the real cataclysmic event occurred a couple of years ago... but she lit the match that started the fire.

Five words.  Something so small.  Simple.  Meaningless.  May forever change a person’s life.  We will never know how we impact each other’s lives, but we do it daily.

And the reward, years later, is to complete the circle by thanking her for the impact she had on my life.  My husband's life.  And our future children's lives.

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