Finding reasons to laugh...

I need to write something happy.  Silly.  Something to get over the hump of sadness I have been feeling this last month.  A couple snippets from today…

I dropped off my car for repairs this morning and was given a rental car.  Went to work and my brain turned into mush.  Left work…er, tried to leave work.  I could not remember what kind of car they gave me.  And worse…no clue where I parked.  Finally, I realized I had kept the paperwork in my bag and learned it was a Silver-Honda- Accord.  Do you know how many silver cars there are!?  Do you know how many Silver-Accords there are!?  Not fun.
On the way home, I came across a wreck.  Actually it was just a broken down car, one nice dude helping broken-down dude push his car to the side of the road.  But nice dude forgot a belt.  As he was pushing, imagine it, pants meet knees.  {hello whitey-tighties}  I swear I have never laughed so hard while stopped at an intersection!

But the thing is, the tighties were not very whitey.  So I get home and ask Fred, do whitey-tighties come in nude…he doesn’t wear them – but being male I assume he knows these things.  I learn they come in black, white and colors like the Michael Jordan commercials.  And well, I have concluded that nice dude’s undies were well worn in…especially given I could see butt crack through the near mesh fabric.  Hey, maybe nice dude is just taking going green to the extreme.  But I can pretty much guarantee two things: 1. he’s not gay, and 2. he’s not married!

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