Bringing home baby...

{this} bundle of little boy kitten cuteness arrived Saturday...

Seven has been adjusting very well.
No puffy-tailed growling hissing fits.
Okay, a little hissing may have been involved...
but it's more of a 'know your place little-bit' kind of hiss.
She just sits back and surveys.

And he just plays...

And gets into precarious situations...

His name is {Dexter}, we think.
I have a little hesitation because I do enjoy the show Dexter,
but a serial killer with a "moral code" he is not.
And considering his litter box routine...
Bulldozer may be more fitting!
Only time will tell.

I still shed tears for my Snuggles.
It's been hard.
There are moments where he will make a face
or flip his tail
or make a noise
and remind me completely of her.
Ragdoll personalities are so similar to Himalayans.
That is what we wanted.
My Snuggles could never be replaced,
but I feel my heart opening and making room for this little boy.

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