To never waste time...

I read this article last week.  It made me think.  Don’t we all have moments where we forget about the mirror?  We point at another religion…or person…and call them wicked and evil.  But we forget that whatever it is we are pointing at is our very own reflection.  Because the truth is if Franklin Graham actually sat down with a true leader of Islam, more similarities would be found than differences.

Isn’t that true of all of us.  We all have been hurt.  We all have been tested.  And we all overcome.  And at some point, we all have failed.  But the point is we all keep moving forward.  We all work toward an improved sense of self.  The circumstances may be slightly different…we may name call our higher being by a different name, but our similarities lie within our souls and that soul’s ability to love.

I realize that what is right in my life may not be for another, so pointing out something as wrong or wicked or evil is a waste of time.  But to love.  Show love.  Be loved.  That is time never wasted.

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