Just call me Susie-Homemaker...

Saturday we'll be showering a baby and celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of my niece, Brooklynn.  I wanted to make something special.  My grandmother made all my dresses when I was a little girl and I l-o-v-e-d it!  So, of course, I decided to sew...something.  Um, remember I just started sewing last year (as in December) so I'm not all that talented.  I found a simple enough looking pattern.  And I was maybe a little too excited that it was made for French seams!

The first is an ever so slightly modified pillowcase dress.  It was actually really easy.

Not bad.  Then, I decided to challenge myself.  I found a really cute tutorial for Ruffle-butt Onesies.  So yeah, ruffles and I have not yet made friends.  Making the ruffles, no problem.  Sewing the ruffles to a onesie, serious PROBLEM!  I just could not get the ruffles to stay in place while sewing (not even pinning helped) and a crooked ruffled-butt is not okay.

So back to the pillowcase dress I went.  And challenged myself by modifying the patter even MORE.
Brooklynn Inspierd

And I added a bow on the back to help give the dress a little more form.

Okay {self-promotion} I'm really proud of the peak-a-boo front.  And and little {self-depreciation} if you really look at the final products, the seams are messy and don't aline perfectly but these dresses are sized 6mo & 9mo...Brooklynn will never know the difference!

Dear Brooklynn - 
I will continue the quest and conquer the ruffle-butted onesie.  
...I just hope it's before you outgrow onsie wear!
Love, Auntie Heather

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