[14] the thing about heroes...

Day 14:  A hero that has let you down.

I don’t have heroes.  There are people that I admire, but I really don’t put anyone on a pedestal.  I guess that probably came from growing up in church.  In my mind pastors were on a pedestal, until I realized a few of them didn’t belong within 1,000-feet of that pedestal.  Pastors are human...I am human. We all make mistakes.

Instead my admiration goes to the people that made a difference and paved the way for the future generations.  It’s the Alice Paul’s and Billy Jean King’s of the world.  Or those take something mundane and spin it into something that has never been seen like the Z-boys or Salvador Dali.   Or those incredibly creative minds that envision the world in a completely odd and fascinating way like Roald Dahl or Tim Burton. 

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