[13] the songs without the dance...

Day 13:  A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough days.

I have very specific songs.  A few years ago it was Frou Frou’s – Let Go.  I would get in my car and just drive with that song playing on repeat.  And most recently The Beatles – Let It Be.  Sense a theme?

The only difference between the two is that Let It Be seems to find me.  When I pray and seek direction, I'll hear it in the car on a random radio station I rarely listen -or- the soundtrack to a movie -or- most recently I flipped to the Kennedy Center Honors for Paul McCartney right as (shut-up) Mavis Staple started singing.  Correction: I believe what she did is called 'sangin'.

A little Beatles trivia: This song came from a dream that Paul McCartney had around the time the Beatles were about to break up.  In the dream, his mother {Mary} who died when he was a teenager came to him and said, "let it be."

With everything that went on around the holidays, I needed that reminder. I believe we all get to a place where we stress and mull and think and over think and rethink.  Then we reach the edge of the cliff, and it's fall 834.7 feet or slow down and find another way across.  And usually it's the long walk back down the mountain that we find the answers.  Damn those mountains.

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