The one where the week disappears...

Today was the first day I managed to get out of the house
...in F-O-U-R days!
It's still icy in some spots, but I managed.

F-O-U-R days ago this was a welcome sight...
By the next morning, the bowl was covered.  Eight inches of snow bliss.

Until this started to happen...
Eight inches of uh-oh!

After day-1 the fun was gone.  The snow had compacted into ice.
And my clumsy self was stuck inside for fear of obtaining a stair-shaped bruise.
And that is when the nature photography begun.

Red Stuff

Action Shots

 And funny stuff...

And finally today there was a BLUE sky!

And sun!
We can finally get out of our neighborhood.
After nearly a week, life returns to normal tomorrow.
I may be a little bit sad.

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