[27] the best things scare us...

Day 27:  What’s the best thing going for you right now?

Well, my husband's company filed for bankruptcy a several weeks ago. The first question was what chapter was filed. And the next thought was okay he's still working until he's not...and we'll deal with it. And it's looking more and more like soon enough he will not be working.

But rather than letting fear take hold we are trusting our faith. Worst case. Best case. Whatever happens there is a purpose and we'll learn something powerful. 

I'll be honest there was a week spent in worry and fear and doubt. And then one day I felt completely at peace. Because of all the Goliaths I've faced, he's sort of not all that scary anymore. I may doubt myself for a bit, but then it's all...bring it dude with the pituitary problem!

Call me crazy. But this unknown. The excitement. The IBS. I just know in my heart something wonderful is awaiting us on the other side. 

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