Where in I adore Home Goods...

It all started out innocently enough.
The hubby bought me flowers for Valentines Day.
Then...he bought himself a new television.
(dude! we feel so modern now)

And new furniture just gets me in the mood to rearrange and buy new stuff.
Lucky for me a Home Goods is not far away.
There is one within a 5-mile radius of my office and house...
at least when it finally opens.
(pulling out the angry eyes)
Dear Retail Leasing Agent,
The notice is appreciated,
BUT 6-months and still not open...
your "coming soon" sign is kah-illing me!
Little funky storage box.  Check!

Swanky new pillow. (that doesn't photograph well) Check!

 Crazy-rad textured vase. Check!

Now the only thing left...
  • a new area rug (how bad-to-the-bone is this one)
  •  new curtains - because the skank ones have got to go
  • and finally purchasing some frames to hang our travel photos
  • oh, and finding a space saving solution for our DVD collection!

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